Eyelid Surgery

As people age, the tender skin on the eyelid and just below the eye are some of the first areas on the face to loosen and wrinkle. Many patients believe this makes them look tired and older than their age – both valid reasons for having blepharoplasty surgery. For a percentage of patients, there is a legitimate medical condition which needs to be corrected, which is equally if not more important.

That medical condition is called “ptosis” – drooping eyelids that hang very low and block vision. Ptosis is caused by nerve damage or poor muscle tone in the eye lid. The eyelid starts to obscure the patient’s peripheral (side) vision, and even, in extreme cases, forward vision.

Patients with these issues, who have this surgery, comment time and again that they feel they are ‘opening their eyes for the first time’ – for many it has been years since they have seen correctly.

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