Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition in which the eye does not produce quality tears to lubricate the eye. Quality tears are necessary to help maintain the health of the eye and for providing clear vision. People with Dry Eye Syndrome either do not have quality tears or they do not produce enough tears. Dry Eye Syndrome can cause people to experience scratchy, irritated, gritty or burning eyes. In some cases dryness can cause excessive tearring or blurred vision. Advanced dryness may cause damage to the front surface of the eye and cause visual changes to occur. Many different factors can cause dryness to develop including age, medication, environment, gender and various medical conditions. There are many ways to manage and treat dryness. Your eye doctor can determine what type of dryness you have and which treatments will work best for you. Dry Eyes can be a chronic condition, but with the proper management and treatment you can keep your eyes healthy and comfortable.

Dry Eyes

Do I have dry eyes?